Freezing Skin Tags With Products

freezing skin tags with over the counter productsSkin tags can be problematic for a number of people, despite the fact that they are harmless and painless. These fleshy raised bits of skin can be embarrassing for some people especially when they occur in areas where they can be seen such as the back of the neck or on the eyelids. Although skin tags are more common in those who are overweight or those with diabetes, they can occur in just about anyone no matter what age.

Reasons for Removing Skin Tags

There is no medical reason for skin tags to be removed but as previously mentioned, some people are so unhappy with these skin tags that they will go to any lengths to have them removed. Another reason for removing skin tags is if they are in an area where they are getting caught on clothing or jewellery. A prime example is the neck area. When skin tags get caught, they can start to bleed and get quite painful. Some men will also want to get rid of their skin tags if they are causing problems when shaving. If a skin tag is nicked by a razor it can bleed for quite some time and this can be painful.

Surgical or Home Removal Method

When it comes to getting rid of skin tags, there are a number of methods that can be tried. You can go to your doctor’s surgery to get the skin tags removed and this is one option that many people will go for. However it can be inconvenient to get a doctor’s appointment and it may not work the first time round so you might have to go back again. Thankfully there are a number of methods that you can try at home to help with the removal of your skin tags. One such method which is proving to be very popular is over the counter freezing methods.

Freezing Skin Tags

Over the counter skin tag removal products can work in a similar fashion to the cryotherapy methods used by your doctor. These products are a fantastic way for you to get rid of your skin tags. Skin tag removers that you can buy in your local pharmacy will come with a special shield which you apply over the skin tag and the surrounding skin. There is a hole in the middle of the shield through which you place the skin tag. The shield will gently adhere to the skin surrounding the skin tag and this means that the skin is protected from the solution. The only skin which should be visible is the skin tag. The solution is a form of liquid nitrogen which can be applied to the skin tag with a foam tip applicator and in many cases only one application will be required to remove the skin tag. This is great news for those who want to get rid of their skin tags by themselves.

Will They Come Back

While skin tags don’t usually grow back in the same spot after they have been removed it is not uncommon for new skin tags to appear elsewhere on the body. If you are prone to skin tags then there is simply not a lot that you can do about them apart from removing them. However because it is so simple to remove these skin tags with over the counter freezing products, you can simply remove them as and when you notice them.

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