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I wasn’t allowed to take pictures :( But the photographer emailed me some :) I had a great time at Darklady’s Masterbate-a-thon! Amber Chase couldn’t make it, but I ended up getting to work the Sybian anyways, for an hot milf with perky little titties! I spent most of the night chatting with everyone there. Lots of interesting people came, literally lol. I got off later than night, but not at the party. I can’t masterbate in front of people. I’m shy.
A movie I casted was in the middle of filming down in LA and we had a minor catastrophy while I was at the Masterbate-a-thon. One of the girls was sick and called me around 9pm, her shoot was at 11:30pm. I called around and kept getting girls, then they would call me back 5 minutes later and cancel. I went through about 5 girls that night and gave up at 12:30am. So they ended up not being able to film the scene :( The director changed the script and it all worked out in the end. I had at least 5 girls confirm their shoots, then call right before the shoot and say they couldn’t do it. I had no idea porn chicks were so flaky. I told this to Dust from Lethal, and he said “welcome to the casting world” LOL.

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  1. Jane’s rockin the PBR, yea!

  2. I just read your very nice description of my wife (the milf you got off,via the sybian). Again thank you so very much for making her dream come true. I hope that you are able to make it to next year’s masterbate-a-thon.Thanx again…the milf’s husband.

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