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So I get a call Friday night from my friend and fellow model Lily Cameron, and the company she’s working for Saturday needs some more girls. The name of the website is www.lostbets.com and how it works is a bunch of girls play games together and if they lose they lose an article of clothing. And they all have to wear the same amount of clothing, 4 pieces, so its fair. So I drove up to Redmond on Saturday to shoot for Lost Bets with Lily. It was a blast! Not only was the guy who owned the website “Red” a very cool person indeed, but his production assistant “Prudella” was an absolute sweetheart and very on the ball. I really didn’t know what to expect and they both made me feel very welcome. I also got to meet some new people! A pretty blond girl named Amberly Star, who’s interested in doing some shoots with me, and a couple named Johnny Niceguy and Kat who own a company called Fair Trade Pink www.fairtradepink.com.
The premious of the show was for next tuesday’s anoguration, and was called Bet Your Bush. The first game we played was 21 with oversized cards. Amberly didn’t have a bush, so she was the hostess of the show. Johnny was the MC and card dealer. I did pretty good playing that round.
The next game we played was Jester, which is like that light up musical Simon says game from the 80′s. Again I did pretty good and Lily was the first to lose her bush. Now, I’ve known Lily for about a year now, and she is a “hairy girl” type model. She hasn’t shaved in god knows how long. Her legs, armpits, and pussy are all covered with hair. And she’s like that because she’s happy that way, and it makes her money. Believe it or not, there are people out there that like the natural look. I think its kind of groovy, but I’d hate to be like that all the time. I got to shave her Va Jay Jay, and it was quite a task. First I used scissors, then clippers, then an electric razor. She wouldn’t let me use a blade on her because she has very sensitive skin and was worried about ingrown hairs, so I couldn’t get her as smooth as I would have like to, but I did get to see her pussy without hair for the first time, and she was hiding a gold mind under there. She has one of the most prettiest whooies I’ve ever seen. Her outer lips are full and her inner lips are even, and she has a fairly large clit. Yummy! I bent her over to get her ass hair too, but she didn’t really have any. The other two girls took care of her armpits with scissors, and she finished up the job with the clippers. No more hairy Lily! Course I have a feeling its going to be grown back quick!
The third game, and the one I lost horribly to, was nurf basket ball. Its funny, but I can hit a waste basket with a wadded up piece of paper from 20 feet away, but for the life of me I couldn’t get this stupid nurf ball to go into the basket! It was just me and Kat playing that game, and she smoked me. She didn’t lose one article of clothing! So then Lily got her revenge and shaved me. Course I didn’t have too much to lose! So now you know why I’m shaved in all the next couple week’s updates.
The last game we played was called something like Screw Your Neighbor, and its a card game. Everyone played this round, including Johnny, who lost all his clothes first. Next was Amberly and then Lily. The first three who lost all their clothes had to masturbate for the remaining 2. So me and Kat got to watch Lily, Johnny and Amberly play with themselves. Amberly was the first to cum, followed very close by Johnny, and Lily promptly faked a silly orgasm. So this Tuesday be sure to log into www.lostbets.com and checkout the tribute to the end of Bush! Your sure to get a good laugh and some jerk off material too!

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